Smoothness is overrated . . . maybe


Well, we’ve done it. Moved halfway across the country. It seemed like a dreamy prospect in the beginning, but I could hardly believe all the snags and bumps. There seemed to be delays and difficulties at every turn. It was just plain hard! I thought, Wait a minute, is this the same plan we felt so good about before? That we had felt so guided in?

Yes, it was.

It’s easy to assume that if things are right or “in place” that all will be smooth sailing, but this is not always the case. That’s my note-to-self from the last few weeks: following an inspired course does not guarantee smoothness. (Or stated another way, difficulty isn’t always an indication to question our course, ourselves, or God). Maybe I can accept that.

If moving had been the fairy tale experience I imagined, perhaps I would have missed the chance to see (and need) such generosity extended from family and friends, perhaps I would have missed the chance to learn important lessons, perhaps I would have missed the chance to demonstrate faith & persistence through difficulty.

But wouldn’t that have been oh so nice . . .