Finding the Joyful Purpose


Most of what we do as mothers we do for a reason. When we stay in tune with the WHY, mundane or hard tasks often seem less burdensome. For example, earlier this week I wondered, “Why am I spending all this time driving my kids around?!” At first it was a frustrated, inward rant; then it turned into a real question with a real answer. ┬áThe place I was headed was a music lesson. I value music as a part of my kids’ lives. My driving was making it possible. When I could tune into the purpose behind my actions, my feelings changed completely.

Chapter 3 of “Faithful Nurturing: Mothering from the Heart to the Heart” acknowledges the amazing power that comes by connecting with vision and purpose: “Vision is a sketch, a path, and a vantage point. When as mothers we can stay in tune with why we are doing all that we are doing, the process of mothering holds much greater meaning.”

In a recent address, President Russell M. Nelson stated, “The joy we feel has little to do with the circumstances of our lives and everything to do with the focus of our lives.” So true, but still it’s hard sometimes to connect with this joy. Certainly this is not for use as a platitude with other people and their struggles, but it is a kind invitation and reminder to apply very personally as far as we are able. It is saying that joy is still a possibility, a path that is open to us.

Here is a friend’s blog post–more insights to be gained by asking yourself “Why?”: