15 Tender Mercies

January has come and gone. This year I have dispensed with my normal resolutions and don’t feel a bit bad about it. This year, instead of grasping white-knuckled at tasks or self-improvement projects, I am letting go and standing still, taking pause to notice God’s merciful blessings in my life–the small assurances of His awareness and love.

As I read my scriptures, I am studying the evidences of his tender mercies. In my prayers, I am trying to remember to thank God for at least as many things as I ask for. Day-to-day I want to stay in tune with the truth that, as a child of God, I am “encircled about eternally  in the arms of his love” (1 Nephi 1:15). This is where inspiration and motivation for true growth is to be found.

The “tender mercies” I have experienced in my life have come in varied ways:

  1. A missed opportunity regained.
  2. Compensation/overcompensation for a sacrifice.
  3. An important truth recalled.
  4. A new perspective granted.
  5. A personalized rescue.
  6. A “wink” or humorous occurrence.
  7. A meaningful connection.
  8. A special comfort given.
  9. Specific guidance or direction.
  10. A need met.
  11. Extra strength/enablement.
  12. Enhanced meaning.
  13. An answered prayer.
  14. A significant personal interaction.
  15. Growth conditions.

Over the next several days, I will explore each of these specific divine mercies. I invite you also to reflect upon times you have felt God’s love and awareness in your life.

Recommended reading:

“Eternally Encircled in His Love” by Bonnie Parkin

“The Tender Mercies of the Lord” by David Bednar

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